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We recorded seven takes of that song and kept take 4 as the master. We'll have things fixed soon.

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By now, the tenacity of some groups in staying together brings its own rewards in terms of fan loyalty and stylistic coherence. Fleetwood Mac is the most protean instance of a band that enjoys a direct connection back to its very beginnings but has still undergone a multiplicity of personnel shifts that have been reflected in its musical style.

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The original Fleetwood Mac dates back to the neolithic past of Over the years 11 people have been part of the group, although never more than five at a time. In Green suddenly quit, either because he found religion or because of some unvoluntary acid trips courtesy of a group of German mystics; he has recently been committed to a mental institution. That same summer another member disappeared into the bosom of the Children of God, and never returned.

Then came lurid fiasco in which a former manager tried to send a fake Fleetwood Mac out on the road to fulfill some previously booked dates. The result of that incident was a year of confusion, Mick Fleetwood's assumption of managerial responsibilities and the band's removal to California. The two had been in an acidrock band called Fritz and had then put out a record as a duo recently rereleased on Polydor, and worth hearing.

FLEETWOOD MAC - Gold Dust Woman 2004

But their career was so shaky that when the chance came to join Fleetwood Mac, Nicks was working as a waitress. In the classic success story, that would be it—fame, fortune and a steady succession of fine albums forever more.

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But, in fact, was was spent in an overlapping series of emotional traumas for the band, no doubt exacerbated by sudden success. Talking with Fleetwood Mac today, one senses that, if anything, their domestic tribulations have strengthened their determination to make their fiveway artistic marriage work. It may be an illusion, but Fleetwood Mac in concert does indeed project a sense of supportive community.

We need each other. We may have had the worst day in the world, but when we go onstage, there isn't a more unified group. The band's immediate future is clouded, and ironically both clouds are cast by Nicks. The band had to cancel some of its early dates on its current tour because of her hoarseness, and even now a speech therapist is trying to get her to raise her customary seductive conversational throatiness to a more girlish piping in order to avoid additional strain.

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He just went mad, bashing glass with this big hammer. He tried to do it on cue, but it was difficult. Slant critic Barry Walsh described the song as finding Nicks "at her folky not flaky best with one of her most poignant character studies".

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When asked about the song in an interview with Courtney Love for Spin in October , Nicks confirmed that "gold dust" was a metaphor for cocaine. In an interview for VH1 's Classic Album series , Nicks offered further insight into the song's meaning:. A cover version by American alternative rock band Hole was released on Geffen Records in as their ninth CD single.

Fleetwood Mac at the RDS review - 'one of the stand-out shows of the year'

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