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If you can, select an option even slower than Slow. The slower your compression settings, the smaller the end result file will be. Click the Preview Window button. Click Live Preview. Make any adjustments to your settings. Based on the quality of your preview clip, you can go back and make any adjustments to your settings that you'd like.

Click the Start button. This will begin encoding the video with your chosen settings. The time this will take will vary dramatically depending on the length of the video and the quality settings you chose. Method 3. Open iMovie. You can find it in your Applications folder. Drag the video file into the top-left frame of the iMovie window. Click the Resolution menu and choose a smaller resolution.

This will decrease the actual size of the video frame, as well as reduce the file size. Reducing the resolution will not be as noticeable on smaller screens. Click the Quality menu and select a lower quality. This will reduce the visual quality of the video and result in a smaller file. Wait for the file to convert. This may take a while for larger video files.

Method 4.

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10 Recommended Video Compressors to Easily Compress Videos on Mac

Open the Play Store on your Android. You can find this in your list of apps or on your Home screen. The icon looks like a shopping bag with the Google Play logo. Tap the Search bar. Type video compress. Tap Video Compress in the list of results. Tap Install.

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Tap Open. This button appears after the app has downloaded and installed. Tap Allow.

How to reduce video file size in mac - Compress videos using Handbrake

This gives access to your video files. Tap the folder containing your video files. This is typically "Camera. Tap Compress Video.

More on video assignments: How to compress or convert a video file. Instructions for Mac

Tap the final size you want to get. You'll see the new resolution and file size of the video displayed for each option. Find your new video. Compressed videos will be saved to the Super Video Compressor folder on your device's storage. The file will have the same name as the original with "video compress" appended to the front.

Method 5. Tap the Search tab. Type compress video into the search field. Tap Get next to Video Compressor. You can also tap the Compress app on your Home screen. Tap OK to allow access to videos. Tap Choose. Tap and drag the Target Size slider. As you drag the slider, you'll see the estimated final file size. Tap Save. Well, fear not! Step 1 is to have your video file handy. I usually plop mine temporarily on my desktop. Then, fire up HandBrake:.

Reducing Video Free: When Size Does Matter

Click File , and then select the video file you want to shrinkify. HandBrake will open the file, and present you with lots of crazy options:. On this screen, you can see the Destination filename. It will also convert the video format to MP4. This is actually ideal, because darn near everything supports MP4 — including YouTube!

For standard HD, choose Very Fast p The Very Fast presets basically mean that HandBrake will super-optimize your video file. The Very Fast presets also take less time to transcode your video, which is nice. This Preset also takes care of setting the video data rate to a good value.

In short, this option makes your shrunken video file a little bit bigger, but it also optimizes it for online streaming. Almost done! Next, click the Audio tab.

Why choose Handbrake to compress large video files?

Bitrate is the amount of data being shown in one second. The more data you allow, the more artifacts can be displayed on the screen, thus producing a better quality video. Many DSLRs record video at high bitrates, as do most screen recording and screencasting software. YouTube has recommended bitrates that you can use as a rule of thumb for any video file.

Do not go below these recommended numbers, but if your current bitrate is higher, you can reduce it. It is recommended that you keep your bitrate variable rather than constant. Video experts, video hosting sites, and video editors collectively say you should keep your video at the same frame rate that it was recorded in. The human eye needs only frames per second FPS for a sufficient picture, so you may reduce the frame rate to that range.

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However, lowering it may affect the smoothness of the video, making the movement seem jerky or unnatural. Source: MakeUseOf. Learn more about Electronic Products Magazine. The good news is that it can be done fairly easy.

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  • Choose the best Codec and Container The video should be shot using the highest quality video codec and container. Use bitrate as the last resort The largest factor in determining the quality of a video is its bitrate, which is why it should be the last resort.