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Sometimes, an external hard drive not showing in Windows Explorer could appear in Disk Management. How to open Disk Management:. Do you want to recover your files from external hard drive not detected? If yes, please read the following tutorial. Then, install and launch it. Free Download. Step 2 : Choose Removable Disk Drive from the main window and select the external hard drive.

Step 3 : click on the Scan button to scan the selected external hard drive. Step 4 : browse the scan results during the scan. Alternatively, you can wait until the end of the scan and then select the files you want to restore. Step 5 : press the Save button and choose another drive with enough free space to store the recovered files. Step 6 : press the OK button to confirm the selection and start external hard drive file recovery. Please read this page if your external hard drive seems dead and you need to recover important data from it:.

If you are stuck in finding ways to recover files from dead external hard drive efficiently, this passage will be very helpful.

How to Format a Toshiba External HD

Click to tweet. Also, you should open Device Manager using the above method or other ways you like. Then, finish the following steps:. Sometimes, you may find your hard disk not detected in BIOS.

As for how to recover data from undetected internal hard disk step by step, please read:. If your PC is attacked by virus, unfortunately, any external hard drive connected to this PC will be affected.

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The virus may cause the external hard drive not showing issue. Please run anti-virus software to kill the virus and get Windows 10 to recognize your external hard drive. To recover data from virus infected external hard drive, you can try using MiniTool Power Data Recovery because of its excellent performance, high security, and simple operations. How to recover files after virus attack:.

I feel glad to share solutions with users to help them recover files deleted by virus attack quickly and safely.

External Hard Drives

There are also some people saying that their external hard drive could be detected by Windows, but can't be opened. The most direct reason is the file system problem. There are two useful methods for fixing the external hard drive detected but not opening error: run CHKDSK and format the drive. Click to see Format Partition Tutorial. Right—click the external hard drive and choose Update Driver Software…. If there are any updates, follow further instructions and your hard disk driver will be updated.

Experienced users will check whether their external hard drive shows up in Disk Management when they find Windows doesn't detect it. As we know, once the drive letter is missing, Windows cannot recognize this drive but we can see it in Computer Management window. Now, we have to assign a drive letter to the HDD to make Windows recognize it. If you see the external hard drive which is not recognized by Windows is full of "unallocated space," you'll want to create a new partition on it. This will allow Windows and other operating systems to recognize and use this HDD.

As we know, if you connect a new Toshiba external hard drive to your PC, your Windows may not recognize it because it has not been initialized. Open Disk Management. Type "diskmgmt.

Toshiba Canvio Connect II (2TB)

Right click on the name portion of the disk entry, where it says Disk [ ]. Select Initialise Disk from the right-click context menu. And then, you will be given detailed operating prompts. Just do as told. If your Toshiba external hard drive has been partitioned with the wrong file system, you will also encounter the "external hard drive not recognized" issue. For instance, you may have formatted the drive with the ext4 file system from Linux or the HFS Plus file system from a Mac.

Fix: Toshiba external HDD not recognized in windows 10 - iFixit Repair Guide

Or, you drive file system is damaged and shows as RAW. However, Windows cannot recognize these file systems, thus Windows cannot recognize your external hard drive. First, recover important files from the external hard drive that is not detected by Windows. Now, in the age of the internet, our computer might be at a risk of being attacked by virus when visiting some sites. Now, in this situation, we should firstly recover lost data from external hard drive not detected.

Then, run anti-virus software to kill virus as soon as possible.

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Cancel: I did not complete this guide. Badges: 7. All of the solutions revolve around the fact that diskmgmt.

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